County Fair

The midway at the County Fair 2013

The midway at the County Fair 2013

If you don’t count Munich’s Oktoberfest, it’s been a long time since I’ve been to the County Fair.  It’s passing through the city this week like it does each year in the fall so it seemed like time to see if anything’s changed since the last century.  I wasn’t expecting much in the way of photo opportunities, but it was looking like a nice afternoon, so I brought a camera and lens just in case.

Jacksonville Fair, Jacksonville, Florida

Walking around, the first thing I noticed was that most of the rides looked familiar.  The one obvious difference was the cost of everything.  A short ride on the ferris wheel was $5 as were most of the rides on the midway.  Still, some things seemed worth the price like throwing baseballs at the creepy clown in the picture above.  His job was to yell insults and bad jokes until you stopped to try and put him in the water.  One ball hit the target, but he didn’t fall so unless you played college ball, the odds of getting him dunked were probably pretty low.

Jacksonville Fair, Jacksonville, Florida

Next up was a crowd favorite and reminded me why we live in such a great country-pig races!  Young pigs raced around a short track and the winner was rewarded with an Oreo cookie   The second round of races involved a short swim on top of the running.  Ok, maybe not for the ultra-sophisticated, but worth the fair admission as far as I was concerned.  And since we’re on the topic of animals known to eat large quantities of odd food..the dreaded T word-Transfats- is not considered politically incorrect at a fair.   Having walked around and viewed the inventiveness of the vendors,  it’s probably not the end of the world if you didn’t buy Google stock in the early days- if you can get it to stay on a stick, you still have a chance to strike gold!

Jacksonville Fair, Jacksonville, Florida

So those were some of the highlights of the afternoon and now one final photo.   I mentioned earlier how things were more expensive these days.  Related to that fact, It was inevitable that security had to become a bit more high-tech too.

Jacksonville Fair, Jacksonville, Florida


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